Thai by Night

Urban thai



Located in the heart of Canandaigua, New York on historic Main Street, Thai by Night serves authentic Thai food using the finest products the Finger Lakes has to offer...

We will be closing for vacation September 30th through October 7th, reopening for dinner on October 8th …..5PM sharp

We are now accepting text ahead seating, this is not a reservation but a way to get your name on the list .. text us


@ 585-623-0106

when you are on the way to the restaurant, leave us a name, # in party and an ETA we will do the rest

We will add you to the list if we have one…

We  Support Brigaid 

Gift certificates are available at the restaurant

We feature Finger Lakes wines by the bottle and glass on our wine list














123 S. Main Street
Canandaigua, NY 




W-F 11:30a-2p


T-Th 5p–8:30p
F-Sa 5p–9:00

dinner Tuesday through Thursday 5-8:30 PM 

Friday & Saturday 5 PM -9:00 PM 

Lunch Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11:30-2 PM 

We do not take reservations, come on in though and if we are on a wait we will take your number send you out for a drink or to wander main street and text you when your table is ready.  

 Our restaurant kitchen is very small and  our food does not travel well so we are unable to accommodate take out orders.


I grew up in Canandaigua and have fond memories of my childhood and early years here,but like all rebelious teenagers i couldnt wait to leave, so I moved to Hyde Park,New York to attend classes at the Culinary Institute of America. Upon graduation I moved to Washington DC where I worked for the next 8 years, including stints at the esteemed Jocky Club at the Fairfax hotel and Aux Beau Champ at the Four Seasons hotel in Georgetown. 


My desire to travel took hold and I left DC for California where I worked in Los Angeles for the next four years before relocating to Maui, Hawaii to open the Grand Hyatt hotel. Island life wasnt for me, so after about one and one half years I returned to California for a short time before moving back east with a stop in Bloomington Indiana ( dont ask) before returning to Washingon, DC. 


I became the chef at Clydes  an American saloon in the heart of Georgetown and soon after was promoted to corporate executive chef of Clydes restaurant group, a position I held for fourteen years, oveseeing the operations of twelve high volume American saloons in DC and the surrounding area.


In 2011 I met my future partner in life and ultimately in business at a small coffee shop in Alexandria, Virginia, she had relocated there from Bangkok, Thailand and we soon realized that we both had an unquenchable passion for both food and cooking, she being an accomplished cook in her own right  with a repertoire of family recipes and fond memories of food she grew up on. She worked in some of the best Thai restaurants in DC honing her skills and learned American cookery at the 1789 in Georgetown, Black Salt and the Fainting Goat a gastropub in DC. 


I moved from Clydes to Matchbox Foodgroup a small locally grown group of restaurants, including Matchbox, Teds Bulletin and DC3 in 2011 

I helped the company grow from five restaurants to ten restaurants before deciding it was time to leave DC and return home to Canandaigua in the spring of 2015. 


We relocated to Canandaigua on St. Patricks day 2015 and began our search for a location to open "Thai by Night " . We found our present location in March of 2017 and after renovating the space and adding a Thai style kitchen we opened on July 11th 2017 and have been accepted with open arms by the community which we greatly appreciate, we hope to be able to open more places to dine and enjoy local fare in the not to distant future.  


John Guattery and Pui Wudhapitak

                                            Lunch Menu


                                                                                               CRISPY SPRING ROLLS (3)                       6                           

                                                      mushroom | carrots | cabbage | cellophane noodles | sweet chili sauce

                                                                                                      SUMMER ROLLS (2)                              8

                     shrimp | pork | lettuce | cucumber | scallions | cilantro | carrots | thai basil | peanut chili sauce

                                                                                                          MOO PING (5)                                      7

                                                             marinated pork skewers | roasted garlic-shallot tamarind sauce

                                                                                                   CRISPY TOFU (GF)                             6

                                                                           sweet chili dipping sauce | roasted peanuts



                                                                                             TOM YUM (GF)  6      w/ shrimp                   8
                                choice of chicken or tofu | lemongrass | kaffir lime | mushrooms | thai chilies | creamy coconut broth


                                                                                                     THAI MIXED GRILL SALAD                                    11

                                    grilled lemongrass chicken and shrimp  | greens | thin rice noodles | peanuts | carrots | scallions |                                                                                                                      cilantro  

                                                                                                        PAPAYA SALAD (GF)                                8
                                                     green papaya | carrots | green bean | toasted peanut | garlic-chili lime dressing



                                                                                                    THAI FRIED RICE                                        10

                                                                        chicken, pork or tofu   | egg | onion | scallion | tomato


Gaeng Phet ( GF)                               12

                                           choice of chicken, pork or tofu | asian eggplant | bamboo shoots | green beans | thai basil

                                                                                                     SPICY GREEN BEANS **                                12

                                                    choice of chicken, pork or tofu | eggplant | thai basil | chili-garlic ssuce


                                                                              PAD SEE EW  12  |       W/ SHRIMP           (GF)             16

                                choice of chicken, pork or tofu | thin rice noodles | chinese chives | bean sprouts | fried egg

GINGER GINGER                                           10

                                               choice of chicken, pork or tofu | ginger | scallion | onion | mushroom | garlic soy sauce


                                                                                                             VEGGIES & TOFU (V)                                         11

                                                                    fried tofu | farmers market veggies | garlic black bean sauce


                                                                                                            PORK BALLS AND RICE                                      10

                                                                            jasmine rice | howell farms pickled cucumbers


                                                                                                                     ADD ONS


                                                                                                               Levels of Spiciness

                                                                                                        * mild | ** Medium | ***Spicy

                                                                                spiciness adjustable upon request for selected dishes

                                                                                                 PLEASE INFORM US OF ANY ALLERGIES


                                                                                                    THAI ICED TEA                                               3

                                                                                                     THAI ICED COFFEE                                       3

                                                                                                      FIZZ SODA                                                      2

                                                           We proudly serve a selection of Finger Lakes wines by the glass and bottle

                                                                                                        Finger Lakes Cider

                                                                                                           Craft Beer

                                                                  We proudly Support the following local Farmers and producers:

                                                                                                          Ox Creek Farms

                                                                                                         Bostrom Farms

                                                                                            Peacemaker Brewing Company

                                                                                                        Fisher Hill Farms

                                                                                                            Howell Farm

                                                                                                     Lakestone Family Farm

                                                                                                       Stony Acres Produce

                                                                                                         Sam Halls Honey

                                                                                                         Heron Hill Winery

                                                                                                           Atwater Winery

                                                                                                             Forge Winery

                                                                                                           Ravines Winery

                                                                                                    Red Newt Cellars Winery

                                                                                                       Heart & Hand Winery